What's New

The following features were added or improved in 1995-1997
1997-1995 Fixed slight misprinting of group #’s in secondary bills
Moved re-attach data to preferences
repaired incomplete payment reversals
fixed SALT problem for visits on highest fee schedules
Reworked reports menubar
Clicking on statements from the alt+3 reports menu goes right to statements
End of Day report subtotals doctors better.
reworked financial reports from reports wizard
reworked productivity reports from attorneys and carriers
Pay reversal works consistently for moves between I/O and P/O
After clicking OK, current transaction remains current (instead of going to the first)
In paying through the helper, current payment remains current (instead of going to the first)
Fix for FL Medicaid, CA w’comp, OH w’comp
Now allows negative fees for office visits
Transactions now show zero (gratis) visits without the subterfuge of $.0001 application
Automatic entry into error record in raw data if a transaction discrepancy is found
Appointment times setup works better
Doctor productivity report allows for a doctor range
Monthly stats now counts new patients and calcs a PVA (total/new)
Other than imported visits, you can now change the trans amount and patient owes at the same time
can now change patient owes on payments and adjustments
the appointment book always returns to "today" when you come back to it
office visits show today’s visit (instead of a new one) when you bring up the patient
printing of new statements and reprinting of old ones now works better
reworked EOD report,Dr. Productivity report, various Medicare form fixes
fixed billing threshold visit count problem (was counting line items, not visits)
Case data form automatically updated with changes to carriers, lawyers, doctors or diag codes
Soap notes can now include "quotes"
Version 97 up and running in test mode. Small fixes for version differences being made.

Statement by new activity works better (handled "nulls" in prev and last statement dates)
appts now show time and date the appt was made, along with the person’s name and phone #’s
in appointments, going from weekly to daily brings up today’s schedule
Manual is finished and is being distributed
Play data set reworked for new installations
import now brings in $0.00 visits and payments
Bill wizard defaults to pre-billing report instead of creation
all wizards show Green from page 1 - no longer need "next" to get the "green light"
Access 95 (locked and unlocked) version tested for 32 bit dll’s
numerous minor fixes involving better error handling and recovery
fixed "hourglass" problem
Revised the Statistics reports
Date of Trans entry shows up if different from service date
Dealt with payment of services that are < 0 (i.e. CA WComp)
Converted from Access 2.0 to 8.0 and testing in my office
End of Day reports on OA and OP (other adj, pay)
Lists shows the acct number fully
Financial reports works with no criteria
Registration form added for demo versions

Dr. Tax ID numbers print out on the HCFA if no Clinic ID is present
Adding new letters won’t let you add text until you’ve named your letter
Better error handling on the Doctors form
Detailed financial report now displays properly
The bill wizard defaults to create/print instead of just create.
Patients with a different guarantor prints correctly.
Electronic Medicare claims handles "permanent" nature of condition.
Demo version accepts upto 100 patients.
Imported patients with no last name (?) won’t crash the switchboard.
Changing account numbers in alt+1 updates the appointment book to reflect those changes.
Bill reprints take onset date from the visits rather than the case.
Diagnosis description now displays for Diag4 in Visits and Cases.
Statement printing bug is fixed.
Visit numbering problem when system date was changed is fixed
Multiple appointment wizard fixed to always work
String replacement function fixed so multiple replacements in one paragraph works correctly
Referral Thank you letter no longer prints an extra blank page
Fixed problem with payment reversal in payment helper
Network connect to hwdata asks only once.
Pagedown in the appt book no longer takes you to the preferences page, but actually moves the schedule. We’ve also added a next/prev week button to the calendar.
Minor enhancements to Soaps and Narratives.
Bill splitting in "Bill this Case" from the Transactions report form now splits better.
Forms open to the right size, even on Win95 with the taskbar located in any location.
With small patient data sets, the pick list shows everyone without setting the find template to *
The monthly stats report reports data instead of "error".
The import routine fixes the ClinicID glitch.
Bills now print even if policyID and GroupID exceed 30 characters
Clinic/Doctor name switch now works for all bills.
SALT on transactions better calculates patient owes.
State Medicare / Medicaid / w’comp for OH, PA, MI, CA, FL
Bill printing error handling improved.
Statements print Doctor’s name (if clinic/doctor on Bills says Doctor)
Printed Daysheet Report shows visit count
Insurances lets you fix a blank carrier abbreviation
Adding a new Procedure fills in fee schedule 2-20 with what’s entered in fee schedule 1
Alt+X Exits in Procedures (rather than taking you to the Tax Rate)
Spelling error Live/Life on Alt+2 Accounting form
Fixed statement options lockout after running statements.
Fixed handling of long secondary policy number for Primary Medicares
More refinements on Network Attachments
Accidental dblClick on SALT in Transactions no longer crashes
Stop button on Updating Clinic A/R now works immediately
Appt Calendar shows times for the right hand rooms
Statements don’t show TaxID number unless Diagnosis is also showing
Statement TaxID number moved to the right (off of the return address area)
Fixed Billing Wizard for Specific Carrier Limits
fee schedule box in transactions show all options without scrolling
CA Medicare pin number and first line of address made to show on HCFA
acess95 links added to dialer, ebill wizard, splash screen
Patient Statements now handled with Statement Wizard
Reports now handled with Report Wizard
Financial reports merged into Report Wizard
"E" accident diagnosis codes now print OK on HCFA
After SALT, cursor is in Visit Details
Vital Stats Monthly correctly closes when you view the report
First full draft (Chapters 1-9) of the manual completed
OH Medicare and w’comp completed
Added formatting of Appointment phone numbers.
Deleting names in the schedule works like the trashcan.
Procedure code utilization report enhanced
Birthday lists now work OK with "anomalous" data
Statements reached from Transactions (instead of the switchboard) works better
Opening of reports standardized (based on statements needing to be viewed b4 printing)
Soaps allow quotes, address to atty fixed, date of soap printing removed
narrative/soaps more standardized
appointment table indexed for better speed
Security (Change Users) added to menubar in Switchboard
Access Security button added to Preferences
Security User ID looked at when starting the program
Security data entry form added
Fixed Pre-Billing for specific carriers and doctors
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