What's New

The following features were added or improved 1998-1999
1998-1999 Dates don't print on labels other than birthdays (Thanks Ron)
Multi-appointments fixed on HW97 (Thanks Tim)
Referral Report uses first New Patient date ranges rather than visit date ranges (Thanks Laura)
HWW Import From DOS made Y2K compliant, and just in time too! (Thanks Howard)
Eliminate duplicate labels and envelopes. (Thanks Stu)
Services only on Statements hides Patient and Insurance Owes columns (Thanks Adam)
Reprints of secondary claims to show actual amount due (Thanks Mary)
Separation of multiple clinic productivity statistics. (Thanks David)
HCFA top margin changed to .40" (from .45")
HCFA carrier address can be on left or right side. (Thanks Terry)
Added Last Visit date to Detailed list from Reports wizard.
Add duplicate button put on carriers form to quickly add similar carriers. (Thanks Diana)
Statements have added columns for patient and insurance owes (Thanks Mark)
Statement address is now in Times Roman (Thanks Sue)
Pop-up notes stays closed on current patient if closed on any one screen.
NY Workers Comp C4, EIN/SSN box now being check marked.
Date field expansion on all forms and reports for 4 digit years. (Thanks Mary)
Day Stats won't list statements sent. (Thanks Mary)
HCFA printing of non patient guarantors on secondary claims works better (Thanks Sue)
Podiatry ebilling to Medicare allows for multiple modifiers (Thanks Mark)
Self-Help button taken off of the screen and put on the MenuBar.
Transactions stays aware of changes to Procedure Codes. (Thanks Robert)
Daily Appointment report - fixed missing last entry (Thanks Diana)
Pop-Up window fixed.
Medicare specs OK and NM updated.
A new appointments report. Lists the subsequent appointments for a given patient.
A new reprint option (unpaid portion only) from the Billing History in Transactions.
Faster Bill creation from Transactions. Faster Unpaid Bills report from Billing Wizard.
HW97-Yearly reports option is fixed.(Thanks Julie)
HW97-Label for fee schedule 6 in proper location. (Thanks Brandon)
Statement creation for Insurance or Patient Owes more selective (Thanks JD)
Appointments Find backward and Find forward works better. (Thanks Ann)
New patient counts will exclude patients without visits. (Thanks Sue)
OV counts exclude records that contain only Finance Charges or Statement Sent. (Thanks Patty)
Bulk Billing Wizard reprints handles secondary guarantor data properly. (Thanks Sue)
Added sort order to the Billing Wizard.(Thanks Hank)
NY Podiatry HCFA corrections.(Mark)
Statements can now include a personal message from the Notes section in Patient Data (Hank)
Print image output for HCFA claims (Thanks Marla)
Printing Statements adds a note to Transactions.(Many)
Added "NONE" box 11, Medicare, Idaho (Thanks Patty)
Pre-Ebill report added (Thanks Mary)
MI BCBS professional/technical TOS codes (Thanks Linda)
Appointment Go To works better
Statements reworked Monthly Statement option. (Thanks Sue (V2) and Jerry (V8) )
Enhanced Atty. and Ins reporting (Thanks Diana)
TypeFrom and TypeTo in Billing Wizard options.
Locked version installs and reconnects into differing directories (Thanks John)
Multiple payments separated in Deposit Report (Thanks Jerry)
New Zip Password (Thanks John)
SALT in Transactions addresses deductibles (Thanks Ann)
97 version - Case Data defaults adjusted (Thanks Jerry)
Lifetime, YTD, and Visit limits tie into PatientOwes calculations in Transactions. (Thanks Diana)
Patient Owes / Insurance Owes errors automatically corrected.
Clinic A/R (Accounts Receivable) calculations are now able to calculate A/R for an historical date.
Envelopes for Bills now prints postnet bars.
HW97 prebilling report works for lawyer bills.
NSF 1.03 for BCBS MN added (Thanks Sheryl)
A/R Report (2.0) list more complete and expanded (Thanks Diana)
Fixed fourth line of HCFA top address. (Thanks Lisa)
Fixed sort order in statement printing (Thanks Ann)
In Access 97, fixed Multiple Appointment Wizard (Thanks David)
MN specifications for BCBS and Medicare added (Thanks Ronald)
Financial report totals match expected A/R report totals (Thanks Lisa)
MI Medicare UPIN x-ray requirement added (Thanks Mary)
HCFA resized for 1/2 inch margins (Thanks Jerry)
Fixed printing of 2nd address line on walk-out HCFA (Thanks Julie).
Fixed printing of multiple carriers with lawyer on walk out HCFA.
Fixed Access 97 Bill this case problem (Thanks Jerry)
Medicare specs for IA (Thanks Sue) and MO verified.
Spelling error preventing forward next appointment search fixed. (Thanks Diana)
Electronic billing specs for direct to Medicare in MO completed. (Thanks Vona)
Medicare assignment default now works in Case Data (Thanks Hank)
Right mouse click brings up short-cut cut and paste options (Thanks Stu)
North Dakota, BCBS and Medicare specs added (Thanks Jeff)
Dot matrix HCFA support added.
A fix to deductible paid calculations (Thanks Ann)
Allows you to pay off refunds and credits, not just services (Thanks Megan)
HCFA form redone to print well on old dot matrix printers (Thanks Dale)
Add BCBS & Medicare specs for Michigan (Thanks Mary)
Added an accounting check to verify that applied funds equal payments and adjustments
Fixed statement error for no activity still owes (Thanks Diana)
Three new report have been added.
...Procedure codes reports - Summary
...Insurance carrier usage - Summary
...Referral productivity - From the Report Wizard, choose referral source as the sort criteria.
If there are two assigned carriers, patient owes is always zero.
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