What's New

The following features were added or improved in 2000.
2000 Mailing Labels simultaneously create hwLabel.txt in \hww folder (Thanks Greg)
Master Billing Address option for multiple clinics (Thanks Hank)
Procedure code fee changes asks if you want to change all fees (Thanks Mary)
Acc Desc linked to Box 19 on HCFA for Medicare add'l info.
HW97-HyperLink to Upgrades
Don't updaste last visit date for Visits without Insurance Billable services (Thanks Mary)
Medicare: Exacerbation date added to Box 19 on HCFA
-Reprint Unpaid only in Biilling Wizard fixed (Thanks Chris)
Category and Type are now drop down combo boxes (Thanks Mark)
Revised IA Medicare Diag 1 Specs (Thanks Sue)
Added Amount column to Raw Data Screen (Thanks Mark)
Delete button on SOAP Notes (Thanks Stu)
Generalized all dates in the system to be of "short date" format. This makes HWW work equally well in U.K. and U.S. date formats. (Thanks Dr. Joe)
Medicare and BCBS in NJ (Thanks Dale)
BCSB specs for OR (Thanks Dan)
Envoy BA0 and BA1 record fleshed out in E-Bills (Thanks Adam)
HW-DOS Ctrl-Enter Fixed for Vital Stats (Thanks Dave)
HWIMPORT-Improved import of dates
NSF eBill corrections (Thanks Adam)
Improved visit counting for insurance limits (Thanks Dave)
Medicare specs for IA and SD modified (Cheryl and Marilyn)
New patient detailed report includes referral source.(Thanks Kathy)
Pt Sex in Report Wizard is now an exclusion criteria.
Case selection remains constant between patient data and case data
CT Medicare TOS=3 (Thanks Alice)
HCFA Print image creation added to ebill protocols
Pay Specific Item, excess to Pt Balance added to Payment Helper (Thansk Mary)
Alt+5 report totals units now (Thanks Donna)
Statements from LZB now correctly prints the very first service date (Thanks Stu)
Enhanced Dr. Productivity report (Thanks Marla)
SD Ebill correction of TypeOfService to "01" (Thanks Tracy)
Walk-out Statements fixed (Thanks Mary)
Case Data recalculations on assignment changes fixed (Dr. Steve)
Statement Finance Charges round off to 2 digits (Dr. Steve)
Negative patient write-offs better handled (Dr. Steve)
Reports Menu-List by Carrier / Attorney - adds Onset, Policy and Guarantor data.(Thanks Stu)
HW-DOS: All date ranges now work across year and century. (Not true Y2K, but any year under 10 is in 2000 and any year over 10 is in 1900)
Monthly statement balances, Finance Charges show up on reprints
BCBS MD address shows (Thanks Bobbie)
Box 17, 17A in HCFA always reflect referral source if entered (Angie and others)
Medicare Referral IN (Thanks Angie)
Medicare P.A.R.T specs for PA (Thanks Dennis)
Ebill NSF 2.0 specs for SD (Thanks Tracy)
Added Patient Name & Account to subsequent pages on the Statement (Thanks Mark)
Correction in the placement of charges on box 28, 29, 30 in the HCFA Print Image.
Dr. ID's on HCFA: License in Group#, all others moved to Pin #, except where already customized. (Thanks, MD-Online)
Medicare and Medicaid specs for IN (Thanks Angie)
A much nicer looking and simpler patient statement (Thanks Edward)
Allow for a Trial Statement, won't modify patient files. (Thanks Stuart)
Pay To Oldest no longer pays to refunds or write-offs (Dr. Steve)
Payments to credit balances are disallowed (Dr. Steve)
Missed appt list properly reports missed appts with only payments
Macro replacement in paragraphs for him and her, his and her, he and she (Thanks Stu)
Statements allow choice of 30, 60, 90, 120 like Financial Report (Dr. Steve)
Unpaid bill list now includes guarantor and guarantor ID. (Thanks Diana)
New End of Day report on Appointments entered that day.(Dr. Steve)
Medicare: Will show last x-ray date if one is entered, blank otherwise. (Thanks Mark)
Appointment find list shows last appointments (Thanks Mary)
New Patient Report Enhanced (Thanks Mary)
Soap Notes, corrupted module, replaced (Thanks Mary)
HCFA print image fixed (Thanks Mary)
Running Balance Fix and simplified statement format (Thanks Jerry, Jason)
Statements can now print for zero balance patients (Thanks Tim)
Box 19 Medicare - prints subx level and exacerbation (removed xray date)
Medicare specs updated for IL (Thanks Tim)
BCBS specs updated for MD (Thanks Alan)
Statements now print for patients with Credit Balances (Thanks Robert)
Zip code on walk-out receipt now has dash i.e.12345-7890 (Dr. Steve)
Adding Second Case leaves patient's first visit date unchanged (Thanks Gonzo)
Day/Month stats ignore multiple cases in N.P.Counts (Thanks Gonzo)
SD billing specs updated (Thanks Tracy)
HW97: Can now go to Case Data/Accounting (Thanks Mark)
HW97: C4 Fixed (Thanks Hank)
HW-DOS Unpaid bills report Y2K fix for date range. (Thanks Jeff)
HW-DOS Electronic Billing Accident Date Y2K fix (Thanks Donna)
Statements print separately for concurrent cases (Thanks Cynthia)
Single envelope printing to screen and then printer works correctly. (Thanks Lena)
&Dx1, &Dx2, &Dx3, &Dx4 macro substitutions in narratives now working (Thanks Alex)
HW97: Electronic Bills now works correctly (Thanks Sherry)
Referral Sources with Upins automatically print Box 17, 17A on HCFA
All Vital Stats reports are separate for each clinic
Day Stats reports have separate visit counts for each clinic.
PA Medicaid Specs.
HW-DOS End of Month Y2K fix for Appointment book.
Statements for people in a family, statement indicator (Thanks Sue, Mary)
Added monthly report in Day stats that won't break out individual days (Thanks Mary)
A delete button for SOAP's. (Thanks Stuart)
Pre-bill reports limited by category (Thanks Stuart)
Removal of unneeded state specific data for MI in Case Data (Dr. Steve)
Add Family/Guarantor - better linkage to Patient Data, fixed D.O.B.entry problem.(Dr. Steve)
Find now working in Narrative/SOAP Builder (Thanks Stuart)
HW-DOS Transfer to Inactives Y2K Correction (Thanks Nancy)
HW-DOS Removal of Medicare x-ray on HCFA (Thanks Congress)
S.A.L.T. detail order preserved in Transactions (Thanks Megan)
Switching assignment in Case Data asks if OK to recalculate Patient Owes (Thanks Jeff)
BCBS HCFA special items for MI (Thanks Mary)
Don't highlight the pop-up notes, and keep focus on current form (Thanks Mark)
Unpaid only option for Tracers and Reprints fixed (Thanks Diana)
NY C4 sort order option added. (Thanks Hank)
GA Medicare has Sig. on File Date (Thanks Sung)
HW-DOS fix for end of day, appointment book and ledger card statements.
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