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The following features have been added or improved in 2002-2003.
2003 Rebuilding my HW97 machine that fried its hard drive, motherboard and powersupply on 12/1.
MI BCBS ANSI for both Medicare and BCBS (Thanks Bernadette)
KY BCBS PPO Indicator in Ebilling module (Thanks Donna)
In Appointment book, found last multi-user issue. (Thanks Diane)
Also fixed the long standing problem that occurred when writing in an appointment and then moving to another date without clicking out of the modified entry. (Thanks Diane)

Fixed problem of dropped mailing labels and letters at the page transitions
Claims that wrap over to more than one form - totals are now correct (Thanks Donna)
Finally found and fixed the {intermittent} error that let the appointment calendar appear "blank"
Intermittent new patient entry error fixed (Thanks Jeanie)
GA BCBS HIPAA claims submission in production level!
IA BCBS (ANSI-testing)
UT Medicare (ANSI-testing)
Can now control the Time Out value (Many)
Units in Procedure Code Usage Report (Thanks Donna)
Patient Address in Statements moved slightly to the right for better fit in window envelopes
Can add appointments for new patients who don't have a case established. (Dr. Steve)
Medicare replacement for CPT 97014 of G0283 (NM, OK)


If BCBS, will search out and put contract # in Guarantor ID (if not there)
NSF Type of Service fix (Thanks NYCC)
Units added to statements (Thanks Donna)
Bill This Case is now Default on Transactions Report screen.
IL BCBS ANSI-PASSED with real data (Thanks Dawn)
Units added to receipts - date moved lower 
Statements (running balance fixed on reprint of viewed statement) (Thanks Donna)
NSF 2 fix (while obsolete - some clearing houses still use it!) (Thanks Shelly)
Fixed Message Pop-Up handling (Thanks Donna)
Fixed "Drop Changes error" in Appointment Book (Thanks Diane)
Added Utility to adjust Statement Margins (Thanks Hannah)
Improved Appointment Call List report shows cell phone and new patients scheduled. (Thanks Diane)
Print image never shows Dx descriptions (Web-MD)
FL HCFA Box 31; License Added when PIP carrier (Thanks Connie)

Fixed "No Current Record" error in Case Data (Thanks Diane)
When clicking on Reports Button from Patient or CaseData, default is set to envelope for current patient. (Thanks Diane)
Multiple Page statements show the first transaction date (Thanks Hannah)
Fixed Starting Balance for Statements with Balance Only Option (Thanks Sam)
KY BCBS specs. (Thanks Donna)
Transaction Report Options enhanced (Thanks Diane)
IN Medicare (Thanks Leo)
MO Medicare (Thanks LuAnn)
x-ray date update fixed (Thanks Sandy)
Add new family member returns to the added member (And is not marked inactive.) (Thanks Deb)
In CaseData, the PopUp Notes are accessible only through the command button on the form footer. (Dr. Steve)
Letters and envelopes with only one recipient, now print after viewing. (Thanks Diana)
Palm pilot output files for the address book. (HWPalm.csv)
HW-XP (easy - just convert hw2000)
Tracer letters have same output order as bills (Thanks Diana)
Detailed new patient list reports the referrals better (Thanks Laura)
HW97 & HW2000: better handling of reports with no data errors 
HW97 & HW2000: Security Audit report added (Thanks Diana)

Summer Newsletter mailed as of 8/6/03
Hide find box in Preferences if only 1 clinic (Thanks Deborah)
Hide the Find box during Patient Add (Thanks Deborah)
Minor fix on Monthly stats.screen.
Print image removes commas and periods from name and address (ProxyMed guidelines)
Hide Multiple case selector in Case Data if there is only 1 Case (Thanks Deborah)
Statements: Running balance column now visible, except with "only" selections and specific dates (Thanks Jeff)
Multiple Cases no longer produce multiple Letters (Thanks Suzette)

Hide the Printer button when in Billing History (in Transactions) (Thanks Jenny)
HW97/HW2000 Add Doctors problem solved (Thanks Joe)
TaxID on Transaction Receipts is hidden when Diagnosis is "Don't Show"
Revised OH Medicare HCFA specs  (Thanks Leisha)
HCFA Print/rePrint order: BillType, Doctor, Carrier, Patient, Bill date (Thanks Hank)
Security timeout handling improved (Dr. Steve)
Creation of Email report (HWEMAIL.CSV) for Outlook Address import routine. Auto creation by list and label reports in report wizard. (Thanks Hank)

Found and squashed a transient bug (from a blank entry) in the Appointment book (Dr. Steve)
Attorney replacement in letters (Thanks Dr. K)
Adding a Guarantor-Make First and Last Visit Dates Blank (Thanks Donna)
Print Screen menu option improved for A/R & Stats (Thanks Diana)
Cell Phone field (Many)
Send Email Button (HW97 & HW2000)
Dates of Service on visit receipts (Thanks Julie)
Ebill-DA0-GroupName (Thanks Alice)
CT Medicaid pos is now 11 (Thanks Lucy)
Revised OH W'comp specifications (Thanks Eli)
Enhanced Day Stat Dr. Productivity (Thanks Mary)
Print Image creation now checks Ebill Status (Thanks Kathy)

Pre-Billing fix which sometimes did not report the Secondary or Attorney (Thanks Melissa)
New C4 for NY Workers Comp (Thanks Bob)
Security fix for HW97/HW2000 (Thanks Alan)
Fixed intermittent blanked out date on printed statements (Thanks Diana)
Soap Notes fix for HW97/HW2000 (Thanks Diana)
Record locking problem fixed on payment reduction in HW2000 (Thanks Diana)

HIPAA mandated ANSI 4010 X12 transmission protocol for electronic claims
End of Day report starts each Dr. on a new page (thanks Mary)
MI BCBS POS fixed to be 3 (go figure - everyone else now uses 11)
ANSI 4010 837 Error handling enhanced

If you change the Procedure Code Type (services only at this point), HW now updates the Code Type saved in existing visit details to reflect the change. (Thanks Suzette)
Place of Service is now 11 for all carriers, unless over-ridden in the transaction details.
Added a space for the Middle Initial in Statements. Also made the field for Pay This Amount wider to show all of the "T" (Thanks Jerry, Helene, Diana)
Added additional column for "Other" payment types in Doctor Productivity report (accessed from Doctors Module) (Thanks Leslie)
Added a Menu Utility Item to Zero out the Paid amount of a patient's deductible. (Thanks Jeri)
Added a Menu Utility Item to Allow changing margins in Letters and Envelopes (Thanks Lana)
Added a test for potential erroneous duplication of account number when using auto-numbering (Thanks Scott)
In Transactions, Bill This Case now splits bills if there are different Doctors on different visits. (Thanks Sandy/Donna!)
The SALT button in SOAP Notes now duplicates the free form text, even if there are no paragraphs chosen (Thanks Mary)
Added two Monthly Stats columns of $/V (price per visit) and $/NP (Service/New Patient Count) (Thanks Diana)
Fixed: Electronic Bill Wizard: now looks at the Send Option when choosing bills to send (Found by Dr. Steve while HIPAA testing)

HIPAA-"We are from the government and we are here to help you."
Password field added to Security Module and the Sign-On Screens
Reworked the security module
Login Time Out 
Audit tracking by user

DOS: Fixed Bill Date Error (Thanks Scott, Candy)
DOS: Fixed Report of Today's Bills (Thanks Elliot)
DOS: Fixed patient payment receipt (Thanks Nancy)
DOS-IL specs for BCBS, also fixed printing of year 2003 instead of 1903 (Thanks Jeff)
2002 DOS- MN Medicare Specs (Thanks Lori!)
The SALT button in SOAP Notes now uses the previous visit date entry relative to the current entry date rather info from the newest entry. (Thanks Mary)
Web-MD NSF2 specs for ebilling (Thanks Kathy)
Discovered and fixed an obscure bug in the Payment Helper that improperly tracked certain payments that exceeded the patient's balance. While this bug caused no accounting errors, it did make un-applying the overpayment difficult. (Thanks Suzette in Dr. Steve's office)
Repaired a broken link from the dbl-click of Doctors in Preferences.
Found and Fixed the intermittent bug that mishandled the assignment status of bills created from the Transactions Form. (Thanks Dr. Steve)
Fixed birthday list to deal with the leap year day of year calculation error (Thanks Megan)
Added a test disallowing blank entries for "Your Code"" in all support files (Carriers, Doctors, etc.)
Home visits now have a POS of 12. (Thanks Mark)
Suppress ebill option in insurance data now suppresses Print Image too, (Thanks Tina)
Adding New doctors issues in Case Data, after last upgrade, is fixed (Thanks Tina and Diana)
CO e-bill specs added (Thanks Tina)
Prebilling report problem solved. (Thanks Barb)
Removed ability of users to modify Procedure Code Types once they have been used. (Thanks Elani)
Clean Medicare form for NJ (Thanks Mark)
Statements say "Expected Insurance" rather than Insurance Owes. Patient portion more clearly identified.
Fixed a DOS import bug for DOS procedures with negative fees. (Thanks Tom)
Better integration of HW97 and HW2000 for *XP
New Report: Call List from Appointment Reports (Arlene)
Replacing Case Description with Acct # in Statements (Diana)
Units added to Proc Code Productivity report calculations (Thanks Wendy)
Output File for ChiroPad (Thanks Dave)
Fix Birthday Letter to Print by Date, not Name (Megan)
All Medicare HCFA always print DocID in 24K (Thanks Tina)
List Fee Schedules alphabetically (Thanks Mary)
A link from the Utility Drop Down Menu to Modify HCFA Print Margins (Many)
The changes in this release are substantial. Be sure to backup your data and program before running this upgrade.
  • 20 more fee classes in Procedure Codes (Thanks Mary, and others)
  • This involved changing the database structure of the Procedure Codes table, placing the base codes and fees into the new blanks, adding 20 more slots into the fee label table and filling them with "unused", revising the Detailed Procedure Code report, Procedure Codes screen and Fee Label screen. The new size of the Procedure Codes table made the End of Day report query to complex to run and forced a rewrite of the End of Day report. The original FeeSchedule slot in Case Data was locked in the database to a limit of 20, which required adding a new field to the table (FeeClass). The old data needed to be xfered to the new field and all places in the program that looked at the old field needed to be updated to the new one. Whew!

  • 10 more doctor ID's (Thanks many)
  • This involved replacing the doctors table with a new doctors table and transferring all the old records into the new table. In addition, we added 10 more slots into the id label table and filled them with "unused". A better way of linking to these id's to the carriers was needed because the old lookup routine maxed out (language limitation) at 13 items.

  • Report Wizard report on Attorneys and Carriers now works with balance selectors (Thanks Alice)
  • Added an Inactive Case Option (Inactive cases won't show in in Transactions. nor will statements print for them) (Thanks Dave)
  • Added Email address field in patient data. Not in any reports yet, but will be shortly. May even make an export list to Outlook (ooh, ahh!).
  • Minor error in Report Wizard (query asks for a unneeded value)
  • Missed Appointment report margins adjusted to show the work phone number
UT BCBS now uses Policy Number for Patient ID in Box 1A of HCFA
Checking into why Payments to last years visits reflects on this years deductibles (Thanks Mary)
Added Last Visit Date to Missed Appointment report (Thanks Diana)
Added Balance Discrepancy report to Utility Dropdown Menu
Fixed Reports Menu problem with Doctor Limits (Thanks Robert)
Fixed problem in Transactions for New patients with insurance case limits. (Thanks Jessica)
In Statements, added case balance selection criteria to Specific Dates Option (Thanks Sam)
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