Posts by: Steve

Month at a glance – Jan 2023

The tab Month at a glance on the bottom of the calendar has been completely reworked to show the day-by-day visit counts for each room. Take a bird’s eye view of your appointments.

A longer Payer ID – Fall 2022 update

Wow! 5 characters are not enough. So we expanded the field to 9 in Carriers. Use it if you need it. Otherwise, there is no difference for most of you. Also, we finally squashed a reporting bug that occurred when…

Minor improvements Summer 2022

A few items have changed for the better. In Attorneys, we added an email field. We tightened the SOAP and EXAM forms and modified how the signatures are handled. The Ledger Statement was fixed to print out bill dates. Credit…

A new Report and Appointment Book fixes

We added a new Monthly Stats report to break down how many distinct patient visits occurred each month. If a patient saw you 12 times, it would count as one patient visit. It will automatically run when you run the…

Tax Rate Fix

We know do intelligent rounding for tax rate calculations. Better referential integrity repairs Improved stored credit card handling As usual – a few more good quotes!

2021 Midyear update

Only a few items are in this update… Added a way to delete a clinic and its patients. Minor code cleanup More good quotes for Handyworks.

2021 Welcome Update

A fix for the deleted appointment report and a fix for an annoying exit bug round out a number of small changes, all making HandyWorks more stable.

Multiple Appointment Fix

Our recent addition of tracking who adds and deletes appointments has been extended into the multiple appointment wizard. An annoying bug that was “clicking OK” when entering lines in the transaction screens was fixed. It was only happening when the…

Update to Added Appointments

The report of added appointments that is available from the End of Day / Day Stats report has an added column for identifying the User that made the addition. Also, a new report on DELETED appointments prints at the same…