How do I install HandyWorks?

Install ms-access on that machine.
Start access, go to the trust center and enable all macros
Download the install helper file Helper and then do the latest upgrade.
Drag the hw shortcut for the program from the hww folder to the desktop.
Once you start the program, it will look for the patient data file.

Can I make copies for my other offices?

Of course not! Each separate office location needs it’s own (purchased copy). You can run multiple clinics from within one copy of HandyWorks by adding them in the Preferences screen.

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How do I network HandyWorks?

Make sure the /hww folder on the main computer is shareable with read/write ability.
Or have your data in the Users/Public/Documents folder.
Map the \hww folder or the documents folder to a drive letter (we recommend that you call it H:)
When program opens, it will ask where the data is.
Point it to hwdata in H:

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What is HandyWorks?

HandyWorks is a Microsoft Access® practice management and billing system for Chiropractors and Medical doctors. It is remarkably full featured, yet easy to use because it is based on how you work. And because you are getting it through our internet site, we can sell it to you without adding costs for sales staff, commissions or advertising. But don’t think that low price means few features or disabled capabilities. HandyWorks’ features rival and often surpass the competition.

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Electronic Billings

HandyWorks produces the output files for electronic claims submission, but it does not do the actual transmission to the carrier or clearing house. For that you need to contact with a third party to receive your claims via the the web. HandyWorks produces Print-Image, ANSI 5010, and NSF 2 as potential transmission formats..

HandyWorks Recommends these vendors:

For your information, HandyWorks produces an ANSI 5010X1 (837 Professional) or Print Image. One of these will be required by whomever you chose to be your clearing house.

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Maintenance and Support

Technical support provides assistance with nearly routine problems that you may encounter on a day to day basis. Sometimes, there are problems that require support that goes beyond typical, and these will incur additional fees.

Updates are released every 4-6 weeks.

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“I have thoroughly investigated many programs and have found HandyWorks to be the easiest to use, not to mention the most reasonably priced.”

Dr. Hank Battagliola -New York

HandyWorks makes computing easy by breaking down the complexities of office management into simple tasks. And because HandyWorks was written by a practicing doctor who understands how an office actually run, there is little wasted on ineffective procedures. Just solid programming behind solid ideas.

Also, different screens have clearly differentiated purposes, such as Patient Data, Office Visits, Payments, and Billing. But what also makes things easy is how you can move from form to form to form, with minimal keystrokes. And while we take it for granted, HandyWorks always remembers with whom you have been working with so the patient that is active in any one form is also active in any other.

Finally, HandyWorks is flexible. There are many ways to do most tasks – whenever possible, HandyWorks gives you a choice, and a suggestion. And for the clumsy among us, mistakes and omissions are easy to correct – just pick out the original record and change it. It’s straightforward; it’s clear; it’s quick.

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System Requirements

Minimal recommended requirements:

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Amy current computer with 1 Gig of memory.
  •  W7. W8 or W10)
  • Microsoft Access 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, 365 for Version HW2007 or HW2010
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“We’re from the government and we are here to help you.”

HandyWorks will be fully compliant (as far as we can tell, given that HIPAA is several thousand pages of obscure Orwellian government speak) with HIPAA security and claim transmission protocols.

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“I have decided to buy HandyWorks due to the ease of use, continued upgrading and reasonable price . . .”

Dr. Mark Campbell – California

Simply put, HandyWorks is a price leader in Chiropractic and Medical Office Management Software in that it attends to all aspects of office management for a fair price.

HandyWorks has been running doctor’s offices since 1981. In the 16+ years of running, it has continued to stay abreast of the myriad of insurance changes and practice management styles that have evolved over this time period.

HandyWorks has grown through the input of hundreds of physicians, each of whom helped shape the features to meet their needs. Surely they can’t be that different from yours!

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“HandyWorks has improved our productivity by leaps and bounds. . . ” Diane @ Triple H Chiropractic, Atlanta, GA

HandyWorks integrates your office. That means there is only one set of rules to follow, and all the information is in one place. “Seeing the figures in front of us has helped us understand our numbers so much more,” Triple H Chiropractic writes. Most programs can print out bills, but bills are only half the issue. Statistics let you see where your clinic is headed: what the trend has been; your collections percentage; which insurance companies owe the most money. Where do you need to concentrate your efforts? HandyWorks lets you know: the information is at your fingertips with scores of reports and straightforward selection criteria.

The less you have to plan, the more productive you can be. HandyWorks’ automatic new patient letters, customizable birthday greetings, and mailing lists for patients, inactive patients, and insurance companies are a few examples of how HandyWorks can free time, so you can concentrate on the important issues in your office. The key to an efficient office is to do more for less time and money.

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“Thank you for all your help and patience . . . ”
Diane Bedocs, Office Manager, Elyria, OH

We know most doctors aren’t computer experts. So we are ready! HandyWorks has answers for all your questions:

  • on-line help (press the F1 key)
  • a comprehensive manual
  • website and e-mail

We’ve been at this since the first PC was introduced in the early 80’s. We’ll be here tomorrow. Now that’s something you can count on!

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Who wrote HandyWorks?

Dr. Steven Schram is the author of HandyWorks. Steve began programming on punched cards on an IBM 1130 mainframe computer in the late 60’s, while majoring in Chemistry. After graduating with departmental honors, Steve continued his education with a Ph.D. in Chemistry.

One focus of his work revolved around the technical aspects of laboratory automation and computerization. Continuing his work in this direction, Dr. Schram accepted a Post-Doctoral appointment at the University of Georgia in the late 70’s. However, once here, his career changed dramatically.

Rather than follow the Science and Technology path he had trained for, the good doctor joined the faculty of Life University (then Life Chiropractic College) where he directed research while pursuing his second doctorate in Chiropractic. You can view his web page here.

In the mid 80’s, he opened his practice of Chiropractic in Manhattan. A few years later, Chapter 1 Software was formed to market the DOS version of HandyWorks. All went smoothly. Then, in 1993, aching for more education, he started and completed an additional 3 years of study of Chinese Medicine at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, resulting in formal licensure in Acupuncture by New York State. During this period of time, the Access version of HandyWorks was polished.