HandyWorks has many of the same features found in other management programs. Below is a short list of all the things that HandyWorks can do for you.


  • Configure starting and ending appointment times along with minimum duration.
  • Schedule up to 10 rooms.
  • Name your rooms as you see fit.
  • Add free form comments to any appointment slot.
  • Appointments show patient’s phone along with date/time appointment was made.
  • Easily edit, move, update or delete any appointment.
  • Search for next or previous appointment.
  • Multiple appointment wizard makes multiple appointments a snap.
  • List missed appointments.
  • List appointments for any date.
  • Automatically reactivates inactive patients when scheduled.
  • Tracks distribution of every payment, both to and from each visit.
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  • Unlimited separate clinics, each sharing common support data.
  • Unlimited, multiple cases per patient.
  • Unlimited entries and bills for each case.
  • Patient and insurance company responsibility are easily manipulated.
  • Charges, payments and bills link in a harmonious flow.
  • Data is displayed in tables that let you “drill down” to ever increasing detail.
  • Collection notes are kept with each bill and printed with unpaid bills report.
  • Use open-item or line-item accounting.
  • Changing mistakes is both quick and easy.
  • No posting necessary. Data is posted as saved
  • Daysheets available for any date or date range
    (either by entry date or transaction date)
  • Lifetime, YTD, and aged balances readily available.
  • Data is never deleted.
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Billing Wizard

  • Bill selected patients by visits, dollar amount, last visit date, to selected date.
  • Variable bill splitting criteria.
  • Apply search & sort filters based on different criteria.
  • Choose from a variety of electronic claims processing centers.
  • Electronic Billing – an end to the paper chase
  • Direct bill local Medicare carriers which accept the National Standard Format (in development)
  • Fabulous unpaid bills report even prints your collection notes.
  • Print insurance tracers.
  • For any patient, select specific dates to include on the bill.
  • Reprint copies of any bill at any time.
  • Reprint by carrier, bill date, patient range, etc.
  • Comprehensive Pre Billing report.
  • Hold/Force option on each case.
  • Configure procedure codes to include/exclude them from insurance billings
  • Easily move visits from one bill to another.
  • Automatically prints bills for secondary carriers.
  • Print detailed accounts receivables reports.
  • Print NY C4 Worker’s Comp
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Daysheets and Statistics

  • Examine any date or date range.
  • New patient reports.
  • New patient welcome letters.
  • Referral thank you letters.
  • Doctor productivity.
  • Clinic productivity.
  • Missed appointments.
  • Breakdown of collections, adjustments, services and new patients
  • Examine by Visit Date or Entry Date
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Support Files

  • Unlimited Attorneys
  • Unlimited Carriers
  • Unlimited Diagnosis
  • Unlimited Doctors
  • Unlimited Procedure Codes (with up to 20 definable fee schedules)
  • Unlimited Referral Sources
  • Assign each case to any doctor. Required.
  • Assign each case to any attorney. Optional.
  • Assign each case to any referral source. Optional.
  • Assign each case to either a primary or secondary carrier. Optional.
  • Track attorney and carrier collections for any date range
  • Track doctor productivity for any date range.
  • Track referral source productivity.
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Letters and Paragraphs

Communication is paramount! That’s why you can have an unlimited number of custom letters for every conceivable occasion. Each letter has its own formatting, date handling, address location and closing. In addition, you can imbed each letter with “replacement” indicators e.g. &FN puts in the patients first name, &BAL the balance, etc. Your system comes with over 20 letters, for new patients, overdue accounts, referral thank yous, birthdays, and much, much more.

Paragraphs can form the backbone of your S.O.A.P. and Narrative system. Each custom paragraph can have the same replacement indicators as do letters. Once you have customized your paragraph collection, you can use them repeatedly to produce very standardized reports and notes.

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Wizards are an easy way to solve what could be sophisticated problems. There are 4 wizards in HandyWorks, each one geared to a specific problem. Each wizard begin from a basic option. You then have many options to decide who to do what for.

  • Billing Wizard (Choose from these options)
    1. Pre billing Report
    2. Bill creation and printing
    3. Bill reprinting
    4. General Bill lists
    5. Unpaid bill reports
  • Statement Wizard (Choose from these options)
    1. New Activity
    2. From last zero balance
    3. Reprint last statement
    4. Specific dates
    5. No new activity, but still owes.
  • Reports Wizard (Choose from these options)
    1. All patients
    2. Birthdays
    3. New patients
    4. By last visit
    5. Financial
  • Electronic Billing Wizard (Choose from these options)
    1. Choose a billing service
    2. Type of bills (Commercial, w’comp, etc)
    3. Choose assigned or unassigned
    4. Mark or unmark specific claims
    5. Print the transmission report
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  • Unlimited users.
  • Limit each user to specific forms and activities
  • Unavailable activities are removed from the Main Switchboard
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Technical and Miscellaneous

  • Split Program and Database for easy administration and replication.
  • Multi-user with no added cost.
  • Fully documents with 250 page manual.
  • Extensively tested.
  • Available unlocked and with open code.
  • Context sensitive help.
  • Notes at every level.
  • SOAP Notes- fast, easy notes that the doctor or front desk can input
  • Narrative Writer – quick narratives that can be customized for individual patients
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