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The value of any system rests heavily on its reports. HandyWorks reports can be manipulated by the user to change the order and range of data printed. Thus one might want to reprint bills for a specific doctor during the week Medicare lost all its mail!

Special Forms

Some states have very specific forms for Workman’s Comp and Medicaid. We are happy to add new forms as users request them. Below is a list of currently supported forms.

  • NY C4 and C4.2 for Workman’s Comp
  • MA CLM9 for Medicaid
  • IL IL487 for Medicaid
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Accounts Receivables

Whether you run a simple cash practice or have half your patients on assignment, it is important to stay on top of the accounts receivable. HandyWorks breakdowns by patient, such as the report on the left, can be ordered by Aged Balance, Balance Size, Doctor, Fee Class, Credit Balance, and YTD Payments. To make tracking down mistakes easier, HandyWorks shows the math behind patient balances, making corrections straightforward.

  • Last patient statement date
  • Ins. balance and Pt. balance side by side
  • Current-30-60-90-120 breakdown
  • Insurance A/R
  • Patient A/R
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Bill Tracking

If you take patients on assignment, you need to know the status of outstanding bills. The report shows outstanding insurance accounts receivable by insurance company and patient. It can also be listed by date. HandyWorks puts down everything you need to follow up on missing payments. It will even print out automatic tracer letters in bulk or for individual bills.

All bill information, including guarantor Insurance Company telephone number and contact are displayed.

HandyWorks will make your patients love you. Patients appreciate attention to details, especially in the confusing world of insurance claims. And patients who don’t worry heal faster – and pay faster, too.

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Birthday letters like the example to the left are easy to print out: just specify the birthday date range and HandyWorks will do the rest. HandyWorks includes twelve different letters, which share the following features:

  • Personalized name and address
  • Easy to edit
  • Selection criteria (who prints)
  • Order criteria (what prints first)
  • Matching mailing labels
  • Ready to go!
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Statements, HCFAs and Receipts

HandyWorks produces HCFAs on the spur of the moment for patients who collect their own insurance premium – a way for a doctor to help patients with minimal effort. Walk out Receipts (customizable) and Statements (customizable) are also easily produced.

  • Patient/insurance balance breakdown.
  • Custom message from your clinic.
  • Can have a specific message for that patient or statement run.
  • All information necessary to submit an insurance claim can be put on the statement or walk-out receipt.
  • Can show only Charges or only payments, or both.
  • A receipt generator produces an on-the-fly version of the statement for one visit and/or payment
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Number Handling

The best run clinics are run by doctors and office managers who follow the numbers. HandyWorks lets you keep track of office charges, adjustments and payments at a variety of levels. There are reports tailored to every need.

The Daily, Monthly, Yearly Statistics screen gives summary data for the clinic, including New Patients, PVA, Collections percentage for the month and year-to-date, Accounts receivable totals and breakdowns on a current-30-60-90-120 basis, Billing summaries, as well as straight- forward analysis of charges, adjustments, and payments, broken down by assignment categories.

The Day Statistics report concisely explains everything that happened during the selected day range, from New Patients to Payments, Adjustments, and Office Visits. Versions of this report are available at any time: if you want to see who came in over a specific three day period, just type in the dates and HandyWorks will produce the report.

  • Breakdown of services for each O.V.
  • Double clicking links to that visit
  • Reports include New Patient Letters and Referral Thank You
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If bills don’t go out, money doesn’t come in. HandyWorks makes the process easy, with controllable billing criteria and important extras such as a dollar limits for what can appear on one bill. HandyWorks avoids red flags like an experienced skier down a tricky course. And HandyWorks makes it easy to follow up, too, with outstanding bills reports and tracer letters.

HandyWorks prints on HCFAs and specialized state forms. Everything is built in, including Medicare specifications for most states. HandyWorks also covers unique state forms, such as the New York Workers’ Comp C-4. We make it easy to use standard forms, hard to make mistakes.

Electronic billing:

This means fast processing of all your claims – often payment in two weeks. Plus, thanks to HandyWorks special relationship with Equifax, America’s oldest claims clearinghouse, you can immediately find out what has been accepted, what has been rejected and why. Since the clearinghouse has a toll-free 800 number and is open twenty-four hours a day, there is virtually no extra work. Cost savings for a typical office can be substantial, and in the HWW way, electronic billing is easy to do.

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Support File Reports

  • Simple Non-Patient Reports
  • Lists can be Labels, Reports, or Envelopes.
  • Productivity is by Date and can be range limited
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