How to Install HW on a new computer.

There are a handful of steps you need to follow.

  • Install and activate any recent version of Microsoft Office Professional. 2013, 2016, 2019, 365 all work equally well. From the access file menu, go to the option link on the bottom and click on trust center and then trust center settings. Add a new trusted location of c:\hww.
  • Download and run our Install Helper. This will create the \hww folder and install the appropriate shortcuts and helper files needed for Handyworks to run correctly.
  • To make our life easier, grab the latest version of TeamViewer and run the basic install, with the free for personal use option.
  • The latest version of Handyworks is on our downloads page. Likely, you will have to jump through a few “Are you sure!” and “More Info” questions to make it run. Unzip it to the \hww folder.
  • Big question: Where’s your data? If it’s on another computer, make sure the new computer can see the network drive and folder where the data file (hwdata.accdb) resides. If this is a single computer installaction, drop the hwdata file into the c:\hww folder.
  • Drag one of the HW shortcuts from the c:\hww folder to your desktop. Double click it to run Handyworks. You may need to enable content if you didn’t add the trusted location in step 1.