What's New

The following features have been added or improved in 2004-2005.
12/15/2005 Sales tax recalculation issues addressed (Thanks Janie)
KY Medicaid Box 9A (Thanks David)
AL Medicare secondary Medigap ID (Thanks JD)
Patient Data screen (hw97/hw2000) fixed
3 hour auto shutdown for auto backup procedures
Box 11 and Box 9 interplay in Medicare
Day Stats report totals fixed for HW97 (Thanks Wendy)
Day Stats bottom line totals now correctly displays (Thanks Donna)
Medicare in MD, other insurance issue (Thanks Jeanie)
Medicare in general - better handling of secondary claims
Soap reports have From: Doctor on the first page. (Thanks Stuart)
10/31/2005 AL Medicare multiple DX's (Thanks Jerry)
MI multiple dependants E-Bill issue fixed (Thanks Tim)
More Status line notes added (Thanks Alice)
Day stats Average per visit added to bottom of screen
Billing History Label added to Transactions Screen (Thanks Lila)
MI BCBS E-Bill fix (Thanks Tim)
Box 11 None for all Medicare
08/04/2005 Statement Options from Preferences screen (Thanks Diane)
List specific Bills separated by Clinic (Thanks Pat)
All Clinic Monthly Stats option (Thanks Pat)
Secondary Medicare Box 11 (was None) now fills in Primary info (Thanks Barb)
07/22/2005 Improved handling of Master Billing Clinic (Thanks Pat)
HW2 Billing wizard segregates action by clinic (HW97 & HW2000 already did)
Day Stats Report options expanded (Thanks Diana)
Tracer Letter fonts and paging improved
6/22/2005 Revised & Improved Insurance Tracer Letter (Thanks Diana)
Relation to Guarantor for Secondary BCBS claims (Thanks April)
Another statements fix (Thanks Dawn!)
More ANSI Ebilling fixes (Thanks Dawn!)
DOS IL BCBS patch for Box 24K
05/24/05 Opening balance calculations on Statements (many)
&iBal and &pBal abbreviations (Diana)
Missed Appointments now ordered by Date/Time (Diana)
MI Medicaid (Thomas)
Revised Preferences (Dr. Steve)
Tickle Date for Care Plans (Stuart)
ALL Medicare: AT / GA codes only on CMT services 
Accident State added to Print Image (Paul)
OR Box 11 (Stuart)
GA Medicare Invalid Use of Null (Diana)
04/20/2005 Box 32 variation for NC
GA Medicare Box 9 revised to print print patient's name instead of SAME
CO HCFA Printing Issues (Thanks Janie)
UT referral box 17
OR and ND Medicare Address revised
GA Medicare with Medicaid secondary revised
GA use of AT Codes for non-Medicare carriers
HCFA Box 32 to be filled in for more carriers
03/14/2005 Mailing Label Margins (Thanks Pat)
KY Medicaid Referring Dr. (Thanks Donna)
02/25/2005 New York State C4 (12-04) version added (Many)
BSBS - Michigan LIVE e-billing (Thanks Tim)
BCBS - Georgia LIVE e-billing (Thanks John)
Statements by Insurance Type (Thanks Debra)
Inactive Handling by Doctor (Thanks Gaytha)
Patient Owes in Red/Grey/Green 
Aged balances for specific date statements (Thanks Debra)
KY Medicaid EA0 Ref Dr. (Thanks Donna)
MT Medicare box 20 (Thanks Clayton)
Doc Name in Unpaid Bills Report (Thanks Diana)
Date field made larger in Insurance Report (Many)
MI BCBS in final testing (Thanks Tim)
GA Medicare in Testing (Thanks Diane)
12/10/2004 Fixed typo based compile error in rptLetters (HW2 only) (Thanks Dave & Ken)
Shortened x-charge server timeout (Thanks Diane)
Added AT modifier to 98942 and 98943
Added AT modifier to GA modifier if waiver signed (Thanks Donna)
Totals on multi-page statements verified (Thanks Suzanne)
Multiple units left justified on HCFA form.
PPO/HMO billing resolved (Thanks Tim)
Report wizard list ordered by Code fixed (Thanks Robert)
Procedure code usage summary report ordered by code limits fixed.
Box 32 for MBR clinics (Angie)
Monthly statistics report refined for Clinic specificity (Thanks Angie)
Continued refinement of HCFA Box1A for Medicare and Ebilling
Corrected DAO record null and no current record issues in billing.
Multi-Page Statement totals fixed (Thanks Sherry)
Detailed Payment Analysis added to Transaction Report (Thanks Diana)
Empty next detail line in a Transaction set does not show any doctor,
Reworked all Medicare Chiropractic Modifiers Acute Care & Maintenance: AT, GP, GA, GY
XCharge point of service integration with HandyWorks. This allows for a reduced discount rate on all your credit card transactions. (Thanks Diane) 
Added a date range limited Diagnosis usage report. (Thanks Elana)
Blanking out the pay amount in the payment helper now makes it Zero (Thanks Cheryl) 
Appointment book report now has grid lines (Thanks Donna)
PPO HCFA 24K for MN 
09/29/2004 Reworked the printed Quarterly/Monthly/Weekly stats report to calculate exactly the same as Day Stats and the Monthly Stats forms. (Thanks Diana, Pat)
Fixed the skipping of a name on the last line of short list reports (Thanks Pat) 
UT HCFA exclude use of SAME, Box 32 on all forms. (Thanks Robin) 
A dated record of Reprints and Tracers is added to bill notes in bill history (Thanks Diana) 
Multi-Doctors End of Day Report fixed (Thanks Jeff)
NY Workers Comp Description of Services (PT & Acupuncture) (Thanks Joe)
UT Medicare (Thanks Jeff)
Specific Guarantor ID's for both Primary and Secondary Carriers added in Case Data. (Thanks Diana)
Appointments added report now working. (Thanks Stu)
Continued testing and validation of commercial ANSI 4010 BCBS MI (Thanks Tim)
Reworking the patient find routine so the user does not lose the ability to see all records after clicking on a name in the appointment schedule. (Thanks Jason)
Reworked Statements form to show print options on first screen form and they revert to print everything unless specifically asked not to. (Many)
Added &TD (today's date) macro replacement to Letters and Narratives (Thanks Alice)
07/09/2004 Fixed doubling of sums in statements that occurs only when payments or services are selected and the statement is first printed to the screen then to the printer, which then doubles the sum.
OUT OF MEMORY issue improved by skillful reworking of the electronic billing module.
Fixed add family member/guarantor bug that allowed an illegal apostrophe into the account number
KY Medicaid
DOS IL POS 11 (Thanks Julie)
Medicare Exacerbation/Re-occurrence issues resolved
06/09/2004 Medicare UT (Thanks Robin)
Medicaid Ebill correction (Thanks Donna)
Blocked 2 additional ways for users to inadvertently unbalance accounts. (Thanks Diane)
Redistribute function improved (Dr. Steve)
05/15/2004 Multiple and sundry Medicare, Medicaid and BCBS HCFA printing issues
IL-BCBS License in 24K
Multi-person per statement page problem fixed (Thanks Dan)
4/18/2004 Box 32 filled in for all Medicare (DOS & HWW)
OH Facility name
DOS POS 11 instead of 3
Fee based CPT code on Receipts
Authorization #'s for Secondary Carrier
Redistribute function for credit balances in Transactions (Many)
02/20/2004 PA Box 17, 17A for MD's (Thanks Nancy)
Revised manual. (Thanks Diana)
ND & IL Medicare fixed printing of HCFA Totals when the last digit is 0. (Thanks Jeff)
A yearly statement for the patient showing year-to-date sum of services, insurance payments, patient payments and all adjustments. (Thanks Diana)
Found and squashed a BUG that, under certain circumstances, created an accounting error when automatically reversing or deleting a payment. (Dr. Steve)
MI BCBS ANSI for both Medicare and BCBS 
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