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Suggested and if not in progress, at least in this list!
CPT code fix for ebills (Thanks Rhonda)
Apostrophe problem fixed in Patient Data
Better handling for Medicare as a secondary carrier 

12/8/2008 UT Secondary Medicare
Corrected error (HW2 only) on Insurance screen (Thanks Lori)
Reworked (hopefully last time) clean statement totals (Thanks JoAnn)
UT Box 17 NPI for the Dr added (Thanks Sandy)
11/18/2008 CSV mailing labels that comply with USPO (Thanks Todd)
Create and print fix (many)
Totals on clean statement fixed for partial statements (Thanks Debra)
NY Medicare box 24J  (Thanks Mike)
SC BCBS and Medicare (Thanks Chantel)
New Ebill options for the Billing Wizard
Option added to turn of the annoying popup email reminder (It's in Preferences)
9/25/2008 Envelopes have added option for printing a return address (Thanks Gonzo)
Availity Ebill header change (Thanks Natalie)
MA x-ray technical modifiers (Thanks Brian)
automatic pop-up reminder for missing patient info.
8/8/2008 Medicaid IA
Medicare GA, FL, MA, NY, NJ, PA, TN
Medicare Diagnosis Code Pointers (NY), NPI issues, Taxonomy codes, and much more.
Statements, second page headings reworked on clean statements report
7/15/2008 Added options for Clinic or Dr. Name for both Box32 and Box33 on HCFA
Day Stats has added GoTo Icons (1,2,3,4)
Print image Guarantor Sex calculation revised (Thanks Gwen)
IL Medicare, box 33a
UT RR Medicare (thanks Stephanie)
9 digit zip code in ANSI File
Recognition of Taxonomy code usage (Anthem so far) and use of ZZ qualifier
Procedure code service type change reflects into all past transactions.
6/6/2008 Bulk Notes edit hw97 (Thanks Stuart)
MO Medicare Box 17
Sped up statements a tad (Thanks Barb)
Statements Tax-ID problem solved (Thanks Adam)
PA Medicare and BCBS (Thanks Dennis)
5/7/2008 Appointment visit counts: They do not count if the appointment is for X. They do not count additionally when there are more intervals added. (Thanks Suzi)
IL, IN Medicare, Medicare Secondary
Statements indicator in Transactions (Thanks Diana)
Medicare: Added additional diagnosis pointer NM, OK
4/1/2008 Enhanced referral report to provide option for reporting new patients only. (Thanks Diana)
Fixed add Dr. in HW97 and HW2000.(Thanks Diana)
Sped up Unpaid bills report. (Thanks Gina)
3/20/2008 SC: ZZ Medicaid taxonomy 
Clean statements even cleaner
Medicare: NY and NJ boxes 4,6,7 are blanked out when Medicare is primary
Pre-billing report fixed to not show inactive cases and visits marked but with no carrier in Case Data. (Thanks Kellie 2/26/2008)
Added a New Form to view and edit all of the Visit Notes on one form, rather than one at a time. It is called Bulk Notes and is found on the Notes section in Transactions.  (2/24/2008)
2/15/2008 Ebill: Print image alignment of Dx codes, shortened acct ID field, added comma between last, first name (2/13)
Dx on visit receipts (2/19)
Medicare NH add add'l diag pointers (Thanks Jeff (2/21)
IL BCBS NOT removed license from 24J (2/19 Thanks Connie)
Added merge utility to procedure codes to facilitate removal of old, unused procedures.(2/10)
Added modifiers to short procedure codes report (2/5/8)
Changed default Trial Run/ For Real settings in statements. (2/5/8)
GA, TN Medicare have box 24IJ filled in, even if single Dr. Clinic
New Statement option - a Clean statement just listing services, payments and adjustments. These are totaled at the bottom. There is no balance column or amount due calculated (Thanks Alice)
Reworked statement to utilize less memory and to print faster. (Thanks Barb)
Fixed a billing bug in Transaction in which multiple visits with multiple doctors only printed the last form (even though the others were correctly created  and available in billing history)
Exploring upgrade path for ALL users to HW2007, This will solve the Vista problem and provide a common platform to move HWW into the 21st century.
12/31/2007 Statement Diagnosis fix
TN Medicare
MA CLM9 form revised (Thanks Cheryl)
RR Medicare Box 33 corrections (IL folks)
Diagnosis numbers on statements plus, faster statement printing (Thanks Barb)
Added Diagnosis description back to Medicare Diagnosis
Added support for multiple clinic addresses with appropriate NPI numbers
ever constant revisions on ANSI protocol
Clinic selection in reports menu
11/14/2007 Corrected a potential problem when sales tax is collected, a payment is made, and then another taxable item is added. (Thanks Chris) (11/13)
NY C4 (07/07) slight adjustment of "X"'s (11/12)
TN Medicare blanks out box 32AB (11/8/07 Thanks Peggy)
New print option from patient data screen to print a block of labels for the new patient. (Thanks Lynn)
"Gradual" as onset date no longer appears on HCFA
Onset date in Case Data defaults to System Date instead of 1/1/1980
PA Medicare wants Dr. ID in 24J, blank address on hard copy, but kept  it on Print Image (11/07/07 Thanks Kathy) 
NC Electronic Print image has space added in Diagnosis codes (11/5 Thanks Melissa)
Medicare GA adds requirement for Box 17 (11/6 Thanks GA folks)
Correction for printing Clinic NPI in Box32 (11/5 Thanks Angie)
10/15/2007 New Case Data Utility to merge multiple cases
New MN BCBS specs
ANSI Provider/Billing loops refined
Medicare - 6 digit years except for birth dates which are 8 digits.
09/08/2007 Attorney Bills report and Tracer lists as unpaid if any portion (ins or patient) is unpaid
Payment detail added to Procedure Code Productivity reports
Medicare: Box 32AB issues resolved
Medicare: All dates on HCFA have 4 digit years
Minor changes in print image file for MD Online and ENS
07/29/2007 Minor changes in print image - HWHCFA.TXT and HWHCFA2.TXT are now the same.
Fixed minor bug in changing account numbers in patient data.
Addition of rendering/provider loop in ansi format for IN & OH (Thanks Angie & Paula)
NSF Ref segment fixed for NY
Print image files hwHCFA.txt and hwHCFA2.txt are now the same (new format) 7/20
Fixed IL print image cutoff problem (Thanks Wendy 7/13) 
"Unknown" in Appt book solved (Thanks Rachel 7/11)
IL BCBS and Medicare Specs (7/11)
MD-Online ANSI ebill problem resolved (Thank you Melissa!! 7/2)
NY Medicare Box 17, 24J cleared (7/2)
6/22/2007 Referral NPI added to referral UPIN
Plan Name add to insurances screen.
IL BCBS/Medicare Box32AB spects
AT modifiers added to ANSI clims specs
New insurance tracer later (Thanks Adam)
Box 32 and 33 fields enlarged.
IL Medicare specs
NPI, Legacy ID's for various states, EIN vs SSN in ANSI formnat
5/25/2007 IL Medicaid
HWHCFA2.txt new hcfa print image file.
VISTA hw2000 Payment helper, billing wizard, appt book fixed
NPI group number interactions handled
MN, OH, NJ, MD, IL, NC, FL, GA Medicare, BCBS
VISTA problems (Alt+F) dropdown issue) in HW2000 and HW97 are tentatively fixed
Medicare Secondary in CO, initial pass at solution (Thanks Gina)
Medicaid IL forms alignment (Thanks Julie)
All HCFA's now limited to double spacing
Minor tweaks for new HCFA form printing
04/18/2007 Much work on handling the variations of NPI usage between 17A (Ref NPI & Ref UPIN), 24J (rendering MPI and legacy provider ID) and Box 32/33 (Clinic vs. Doctors NPI along with legacy identifiers). While not every state has responded with revised specs, code is in place to rapidly allow modifications based on many variables. Things will ease somewhat when the legacy identifiers disappear in late May or early June.

More work has been done on the handling of variations for the ANSI ebill submission format.

Large screen version should work on 14" monitors - try it.
New HCFA Print Image file (HWHCFA2.TXT)
MN, IL, TN, GA BCBS & Medicare (Thanks Medicare!)
MD PT BCBS & Medicare (Thanks Bobbie)
3/29/2007 BIG SCREENS
EBILL and New HCFA refinements
Testing out larger screen sizes (Attorneys, Doctors, Insurances)
MN, IL BCBS new HCFA issues
Cleared old Illinois form printing issues (Thanks JoAnn 3/5/07)
Reworked NPI switch over to be more automatic (3/3/07)
Added 40 more status line messages
02/26/2007 Refinement of data tables to avoid zero-length insert error (2/24/07)
Medicare & BCBS special coding for transition issues on new HCFA (2/12/7)
More on the IL Medical Assistance Form (Thanks Joann 2/12/07)
ANSI 2010AA rewritten (Thanks Tim, 2/7/7)
Preserving margins on C4 margin edits (Thanks Scott!, 2/7/7)
Switching back and forth between new and old HCFA (2/7/7)
Box 32 issue on NEW HCFA fixed (2/5/7)
Box 24K NPI for Medicare (2/5/7)
HCFA-1500 - use full address for guarantor if same as patient
More work on ANSI 837 for NPI number usage
1/31/2007 More work on new HCFA (1/31/07)
Added ability to switch back and forth between new and old HCFA's
IL Medical Assistance Form (Thanks Joann 1/31/07)
Medicare refinements for new HCFA (1/24/07)
Fixed the hiding of the transaction date on single date statements (1/10/07)
Appointment Call list revised to show room Numbers (Thanks Steve 1/24/07))
MI BCBS ebill stuff. (Thanks Dr. Tim)
MA Medical assistance CLM9 form added. (Thanks Aaron) 
NEW HCFA Form activated. 
12/15/2006 Definitive 2005 versions uploaded. Include myriad and sundry fixes for various state Medicare and Medicaid form printing, further refinement of ANSI4010 837 electronics filing system, correction of referral report listings, removal of SAME from HCFA printouts and testing of new CMS 1500 form for 2007.
10/12/2006 NYS Medicare Group#/Pin# resolved
HW97/HW2000 upgrade issues resolved.
PopUp Notes "Always Show" issue resolved
ANSI CR2/DTP placement order resolved
NYS PT workers comp form (in progress)
OH W'comp box 25/33 
Minor cosmetic changes to respond to confusion on the part of new users.
Minor changes for ANSI4010 837 electronic claims submissions
Minor changes for HCFA printing.
Testing of the new CMS1500 form
8/18/2006 Day Stats Report Options (Thanks Diana 8/17)
MI ANSI REF segment fix (Thanks Tim 8/14)
KY Ebill Fix (Thanks Sandy 8/10)
MD Automobile Box 32 Fix (Thanks Evan 8/12)
NPI field added to doctors in preparation for new CMS 1500 (8/1)
Numerous and sundry other small fixes
7/17/2006 Fixed the erroneous NumLock Key turn off (Thanks Diane 7/18)
CA - All HCFA forms now have box 32 filled in (Thanks Rick 7/17)
Can now change Clinic (if you have more than one) from the Main Switchboard (Thanks Diana 7/12)
Billing Wizard now lets you choose actions for All clinics or specific one (Thanks Diana 7/10)
Spelling fix on Transaction Page (Thanks Stuart 7/8)
New report: Authorized Through, which lists patients whose authorization treatment end date is coming up. (Thanks Stuart 7/6)
6/17/2006 SC Commercial Claims Box32 (Thanks Chantel 6/15)
Bug Fix: Printing a visit receipt no longer mistakenly creates a HCFA (Thanks Jeff 6/15)
ANSI 2310 Rendering Provider Loop issues better resolved (Thanks Doug 6/12)
Report for "Authorized Through" added to Case Data (Thanks Stu 6/14)
Statement printing fixes for "Out of Memory" problems (6/1)
Case Data Screen titles added for each  page (6/4)
Pop Up notes has explicit Edit button to prevent accidental erasure of its contents (6/10)
HCFA Medicare demonstration counties.
Medicare: 98943 no longer has AT modifier (Thanks Kurt 6/1)
Changing Guarantor data through Case data screen no longer makes the Guarantor inactive (5/30)
05/03/2006 Added running totals to specific date statements.(5/12)
NY Workers comp (yet another new) C4 form dated 11/05
OH BWC TaxID to Pin Num in box 33 (4/25 Thanks Melissa)
CA Medicaid (Thanks Rick)
New Inactive Handling for Deletions (Thanks Rick)
4/23/2006 IL Medicare ANSI stuff (4/23)
A few more status messages (Thanks Tim)
DTP segment always follows CR2 in ANSI4010 (Thanks Mike)
Medicare NY subx level removed (4/20) (Thanks Dr. Steve)
Reworked the totals routine for EOY statements (4/20 Thanks Nancy).
Reworked the balance column for statements (4/11).
3/22/2006 A few more status messages (Thanks Tim)
ANSI 2010AA - (Thanks Shelly)
Unique (only 1 clinic) Bill Reprint error (Thanks Diane)
OH Medicare box 11 None (Thanks - OH users)
Statement by Specific Dates (Thanks - many)
Reprint Unpaid Only (Thanks Diana)
Fixed the rarely occurring Case Needs Describing error - gone forever
02/28/2006 Statement labels (Thanks Dr. K)
ANSI SD 2300 N5/NS ref issue resolved (Thanks Karla)
OH Medicare Address (Thanks David)
A few new status quotes added. 
Insurance Carrier HCFA Print Option clarified (like butter!)
SD ANSI4010 issues addressed (Thanks Karla)
Billing Wizard redesign completed (Thanks Diane)
Reports Wizard redesign completed (Thanks Diane)
Statements Wizard redesign completed (Thanks Diane)
Date issue on statements payments report fixed (Thanks Laura)
Referential Integrity Search improved (Thanks Janice)
01/25/2006 Statements with optional payment distribution detail (Thanks Rick)
Website redesign 
mailing labels now available in .doc format
Box 24K Medicare NJ (Thanks Paul)
Medicare "Read Only" error in FillBox9 (Many)
"UT" Box 9 Medicare
2300 CR2 Loop in ANSI Ebilling
Ansi ebill upgrade (Thanks Scott)
UT Medicare and BCBS HCFA corrections (Thanks Robin)
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