Unpaid Bills revisited

Many years ago, we revised the unpaid bills report to breakdown bills by how old they were. So bills older than 3 months old were printed in a different section than bills 1 and 2 months old. Recently, a user…

My transaction screen doesn’t show case totals.

The screen size for the “3” screen is supposed to become larger for certain combinations of Windows and MS Access. One of the combinations was not handled properly. This has been fixed and is in the 2/17/2017 update.

Who Owes?

A user asked, “How do I get a list of patients that owe us money, from largest to smallest?” From the report wizard, click on financial and then click “Green to Go”. If you want to limit the list to…

2/13/2017 Update

A few gentle fixes are included in the 2/13/2017 update. First is a fix in electronic bills, when there are multiple locations and a master billing clinic, the NPI number for the service location is left blank. The NPI for the…

Welcome to the new HandyWorks website!

Everything needs a little freshening, and websites are the same. This is our “New and Improved” HW website, powered by WordPress. Our Legacy site, was all html code, and maintained in a cumbersome way using FrontPage and an FTP uploader. Our intent…

Multi-clinic electronic billing 1/27/2017

In creating the ANSI file, the service location needs to be sent without the NPI. And the rendering provider should only be in the service line loop, not the patient loop.

Update 12/9/2016

Minor adjustment of HCFA assignment box More statusline quotes Database name on status line at startup Screen transition speedups Definitive 2016 year end final version