Update 12/9/2016

Minor adjustment of HCFA assignment box More statusline quotes Database name on status line at startup Screen transition speedups Definitive 2016 year end final version

Update 9/12/2016

Fixed contact phone number issue with MD-Online Minor format changes in Exams and Exam reports Date display fix on transaction screen (thanks Lana) Address and first line fix for “real” referral thank you letters. (Thanks Gonzzo) Increased size of DayStats…

Update 7/1/2016

Document Handling. Link from Patient and Case Data (Thanks Stu) Added fee class option to procedure code analysis (Thanks Rick) Diagnosis field sizes widened to show full ICD10s Diagnosis Pointer “K” fixed (Was printing “I”) (Thanks Michael) Diagnosis Code 11…

Update 5/16/2016

End of Day reports print even if only non-billable services appear (Thanks Lana) End of Day report shows the count of non-billable services Statements have option to surpress the aging balances box ChargeItPro fix for ContactLess cards

Update 4/19/2016

Fixed a rare insurance write-off error when editing an older record. Some minor formatting fixes on statements (Thanks Stu) NY Comp form updated to allow ICD10 (Thanks Mike) Added supervising option for referral sources. This puts a DQ modifier in…

Update 2/12/2016

Favorites tag for Attorneys,  Cariers Diagnosis codes and Procedures.

Update 1/15/2016

Chirowrite Dx (ICD10) Codes added to output files A fast way to get rid of unused entries in Carriers, Attorneys, Referrals and Procedure Codes

Update 12/10/2015

More space for longer ICD10 codes on statements General efficiency and performance enhancements Added option to put a period in the ICD10 HCFA print options

Update 11/11/2015

ICD10 added to NY Comp C4 forms (11/12) Corrected the cause for an Access error message if HandyWorks was closed down without using the STOP button Fixed HCFA Error when a diagnosis code was too long. (11/10) Changed the margins…