What's New

The following features have been added or improved.

In development
12/12/2014 835 remittance processing added (Diana and others - at last!)
Medicaid pregnancy LMP date code added (Thanks Dave H)
SOAP/Exam reports reconfigured (Cheryl, what would I do without you?)
Automatic fix of balance (Patient Owes) discrepancies (Munira and Robin!)
10/28/2014 Fixed creation of print image from ebill wizard (Thanks Arlene and Chantel)
Added diagnosis pointer to the TAB order in visits.
Fixed a sales tax issue for new users
Modified font size for A/R report
Added support fields for ICD10 compliance
9/16/2014 Fixed the mis-totaling problem when running statements for specific payment types
8/22/2014 Pull First Treatment from visit rather than case data (Thanks Bethany)
Fixed issue on 64 bit Office for "Point me the location of your data file"
Spelling errors on new Exam/Report form (Stu - you're the best!)
7/31/2014 Removed quick link to Carriers in Case Data
Refined Soap/Exam signing
Added lock symbol to top of SOAP/Exam (if the note has been signed already)
Fixed old error in updating the description of Diagnosis #4
Added additional Date Format Options on HCFA Printing
Reworked SALT function in Exam/Soaps
Reworked sign/unsign in Exam/Soaps
Modified SOAP Counter to count since last exam
Added * for special Expected Insurance in Procedures, along with a new report
Added a SOAP counter
Reworked SOAP and Exam reports to allow expanded fields.
Renamed Legacy Data in Providers and Carriers to reflect its use in Box33B on HCFA
Added link from menubar to output files to CSV format
6/24/2014 Added security/user tracking for the Exam/Soap notes system
Addressed issue with a user deleting fee schedule data and leaving it blank
Fixed the annoying "data has changed" message occassionaly found in appointments
Separated out the appointment time preferences from the appointments screen
Added direct upgrade link to Main Switchboard MenuBar
Fleshed out more exclusions for statement printing
When printing a statement, add the statement sent record item to the visit of today (if one exists), instead of always making a new visit.
HCFA Print Options for controlling the printing of Box 14/15 and qualifiers
Second Day Stats report enhanced for multiple dates.
Up to 1650 quotes! (more on the way)
5/25/2014 Reworked primary Day Stats reports to process faster on networks with large data sets
Added visit linenumber to 5010 electronic claims to support 835 processing
Modified the Receipt so as not to ask for special message more than once
Reworked the opening up of Day Stats for faster network performance
Enhanced payment tracking for Day Stats report
Fixed reporting of DN for HCFA print Image on new HCFA
5/6/2014 Reworked bill splitting to ignore diagnosis descriptions
Resized exam form to make sign and attest easier to reach
Reworked unsigned exam report
Reworked salt option for soap notes

Added Diagnosis 9-12. Affects the following screens and reports
  • HCFA2
  • ANSI5010
  • Case Data
  • Transaction Diagnosis, 
  • Receipts
  • Statements
  • Exam

Reworked the sign & attest and locking of Soaps and Exams.
Reworked the Unsigned and Signed reports
Added a pain diagram to the Appointment Fee Slip
Added Box 15 to the new HCFA2
Added DN for the referral source ID on the HCFA2
Reworked the print image for HCFA2 (but still encourage ANSI over printimage)
Added Option to set Doctor or Clinic for receipts or statements that overides clinic setting.

3/10/2014 We passed Medicare ICD10 electronic bill test!
Minor adjustments to Soap exam form.
Added margin change ability for the NEW Hcfa
Still honing details on new HCFA. 
Medicare does not want the 431 qualifier
NY comp and no-fault may not switch to the ICD10 codes.
Fixed re-attach on some hw2000
2/4/2014 Added Box 14 Qualifier code (BCBS reported that they wanted it)
Minor screen visual fixes
1/27/2014 Signature for specific doctors on exam notes
New HCFA form installed.
Diagnosis pointers changed to letters
12/6/2013 Large size note area for new Soaps
Removed NSF and 4010 ANSI option for Ebills
Exam Forms reconfigured for faster processing, adding an attest and sign field
Password field and signature validation added to exams and soaps
Preparation for new HCFA in adding form option so each user can switch when they are ready
Fine tuning of ICD10 experiences
10/03/2013 ICD10 crosswalk, new Diagnosis form and new sub-forms for Transactions, CaseData, and Exams.
ICD10 reports
New pop-up for Day Stats shows details for any line so you don't have to go to Transactions to see them
7/18/2013 Exam report flesh out with syncing of diagnosis from the exam visit
Procedure Codes long and short reports fixed to work better with new fee schedules
Fixed potential problems by disallowing removal of patient clinic, case provider or default clinic provider.
6/14/2013 Hide zero Dx codes on patient statements
Added room headings to multiple page schedule reports (thanks Rick)
Linked case diagnosis to new exam forms (Thanks Cheryl)
Added ACOM EHR output file (Thanks Mike)
5/16/2013 Fix the skipping over units via tab in visits
Fixed the Last Doc problem when adding new detail ones after shifting between patients (thanks Janet)
Added email list creation with appointment call list creation (thanks Diana)
Added ability to control the name/clinic on ebills (thanks Beverly)
NEW FEATURE: added support for RemindMeDoc.com for website based appointment reminders.
4/16/2013 Enable right click menu to copy/spaste in SOAP notes
Reorder search dates in SOAP notes
SOAP notes font size enlarged
Don't minimize screen on exiting Exam/Soap if already maximized prior
Fixed email list to work with report by procedure codes
3/19/2013 On Visit receipts, fixed the issue with Null Diagnosis (Thanks Diana)
On Clean statements, now hiding unused columns (Thanks Barb)
SOAP report improvements (Thanks Stu)
ADD for SOAP if no visit that day (Thanks Dave)
Faster Loading (Thanks Dan)
2/25/2013 Second report for new SOAP system (2/25)
Eliminated automatic insurance write off if under $1.00
First report added for new SOAP/Exam system.(2/18)
Better navigation in SOAP/Exam system
Fixed error with unpaid deductibles
1/31/2013 On new patients, changed the default onset date to 1 day prior (1/31)
Added diags 5-8 to the receipt and statement (Thanks Robert)
Fixed going to case data with a new patient if case data wasn't previously opened (1/31)
First treatment date (Box 14) added back in to ANSI 5010.(1/28/13)
Deleting Bulk Inactives looks at Transactions Dates to catch "non-Billable" visits (Thanks Adam) (1/21)
For new Exam Soap forms - warn before deleting a visit with notes. (1/22)
Fixed accounting issue when multiple units are processed with SALT (Thanks Amanda)
Fixed assignment issue with single bills from Visits (Thanks Rhonda)
New SOAP notes system is live
5010 loop 2320 SBR03 issue with secondary electronic claims (Thanks Katie)
Fixed appointment report selection between portrait/landscape selection. (Thanks Charlie)
12/05/2012 Eliminated insurance write-off if less than 50 cents in SALT (Thanks Rhonda)
Fixed error in old DOS data from 1995 (Thanks Dan)
Reworked deductible usage in visits. (Thanks Stuart)
On clicking notes, position to the selected date (11/15)
Fixed inadvertent redflag notice (Thanks Stuart & Diana)
Fixed appointment report selection between portrait/landscape selection. (Thanks Diana)
Intake Examination form (still beta)
Soap Note form (still beta)
11/13/2012 Fix for Medicare secondary claims 11/10
Added ability to force fill box 32 into ANSI and on HCFA 11/11
Ready to add ICD-10 codes to Diagnosis 11/13
Fixed next appointment display bug in Visits (11/12)
Printed Day Sheet option added to appointment list (Thanks Chantel)
Intake Exam form (in test mode - thanks Chantel)
Complete rewrite of Transactions - Visits/Payments/Notes/Bill History - faster, cleaner
small revisions in ANSI 5010 for secondary claims, also for multi word last names. 
8/31/2012 Expanded scope of automatic Ins write-off to non-assigned claims. WO to patient Owes
Expanded scope of automatic Ins write-off to assigned claims with deductibles. WO to patient Owes
ANSI 5010: refinement of secondary claims submission. (Thanks Katie)
Procedure Codes report - more fully handle fee schedules (Thanks Alice)
7/25/2012 Access 2010 64 bit compilation
Bill splitting from Transactions improved (Thanks Barb)
5010: Secondary Claims submission  (Thanks Katie)
5010 Nixed First treatment date if same as treatment date (Thanks Gonzzo)
Fixed day by day ledger statement detail.
EHR Fields to Patient Data form
06/14/2012 Greater control on bill splitting in the Billing Wizard (Hi Barb!)
EHR fields added to Patient Data (going with the flow)
5/15/2012 Fixed the display problem of the diagnosis 6 description (5/16)
5010: Added special handling for secondary claims. (5/10)
5010: Added special handling for the Provider Loop segment (5/12).
5010: Onset / First Treatment dates not reported together if they are the same.(5/5)
iHWW: Attorneys, Diagnosis, Carriers, Clinics, HCFA Setup, Letters, Procedures Fee Schedules, Providers, Legacy IDs, Referrers, Appointment Room, and Users is complete. 
Import of legacy HW data is in fine-tuning. 
Focus turns to on-line Appointments.
4/10/2012 iHWW - Basic interface and design completed and functioning. Honing down the new user startup steps, loading of sample data, and tightening up the  import process for existing HWW data.
Payment Helper: Corrected misspelling if DaigPointer related to new Diagnosis Codes (4/10)
ANSI5010: Fixed Medicare relationship to Guarantor problem (4/9) 
ANSI 5010: Added ability to add PWK statement. 
ANSI 5010: Added ability to submit replacement, corrected, and void claims. 
Added 4 more diagnosis codes.
Fixed Main Switchboard Clinic Switching problem
2/15/2012 Minor 5010 issues being worked on.
Screen revisions in Case Data
Better error handling throughout
12/15/2011 ANSI5010 date issue fixed (Thanks Brian 12/20)
The manual is being revised.
Minor visual tweak of the Pop-Up Notes.
11/20/2011 Fixed Pop-Up Notes problem (Thanks Karla 11/20)
Added security options for visit and patient deletions.
Splitting up of Case Data screen into separate modules. 
We are live using ANSI5010 for claims submission!
Fix of NSF2 for MD-Online (Thanks Alice)
10/5/2011 Modified insurance carrier screen to provide better user interface
Fixed problem in editing the clinic name
08/24/2011 ANSI 4010/5010 2320 loop issues resolved (Thanks Mike, Dan 8/15, 8/24)
Referral Deletion now checks for usage (8/14/)
Availity 5010 passed validator LIVE (Thanks Natalie 8/3)
Fixed rounding error in SALT Insurance Write-Off (Thanks Rhonda 8/3)
Case Notes form enlarged and made sizable (Thanks Diana 7/20)
7/14/2011 ANSI 2320 Loop for Medicare with secondaries (Thanks Dan 7/14)
TaxID (EIN versus SS#) in ebills fixed (Thanks! Rhonda!! 7/14)
Finding a patient in Appointment Book and Patient Data also finds the "active" case (Thanks Diana 7/7)
SALT in Transactions, automatic Ins Write-off, handles deductibles better (Thanks Stuart 7/12)
6/30/2011 SALT in Transactions handles Automatic Insurance Write-offs (Thanks Rhonda)
Availity Medicare with secondary claims fix (Thanks Dan)
Insurance report from Report Wizard enhanced (Thanks Alice 6/10/11)
Added Medicaid Original Reference to print image
Fixed bug in Visits that occurred with an unsaved visit and clicked notes (Thanks Lana)
2nd level of testing passed with ANSI5010 testing with BCBS-Michigan
HCFA customization Form shows all carriers that have modifications
Improved Insurance Write-Off calculation (5/28)


C4.2, page 2, remove "as needed" (Thanks Terry)
Statement processing displays work in progress (visit dates) as it slogs through accounts. This feedback shows the user that work is not "frozen" on ancient accounts.


Fixed auto write-off when there were multiple units (3/21-Angie)
ANSI5010 through first round of validation testing with BCBS-Michigan
Phone number size fixed in short lists (Thanks Barb)


Better handling of referrals in ANSI creation (3/18)
Corrected the calculation of expected insurance owes when to a bulk fee schedule update
Statement error messages fixed
Added 97014 Estim code replacement based on HCFA Setup to electronic bills (Thanks Rhonda)


NPI for technical/Clinical radiology components on HCFA (Thanks Chad 2/4/2011)
Output to ChiroWrite interface completed
Auto Insurance Owes Write-off enabled. (2/21)
EZNotes full interface completed (1/15)
C4 fix for multiple line items on same date (1/5)
Changing Fees in Procedure Codess asks if you want all fees changed (2/21)
G02384 E-stim code fix for HCFA setup options
Statements (Doctor or Clinic name reversal was fixed)
Appointment Book Find fix (keeps the template) (Thanks Gina 1/28)
Added Taxonomy Code to Doctors Info for electronic bills (Thanks Rhonda)


CPT code fix for ebills (Thanks Rhonda)
Apostrophe problem fixed in Patient Data
Better handling for Medicare as a secondary carrier 
Box32a in print image fixed


Print Image Box32 and 33 NPI (9/17)
Loop 2310B rendering provider for ANSI Claims (9/17)
Fixed problem of adding new Carriers (9/17)


Tax ID on statements and receipts (8/26)
Unpaid Bills error message (Thanks Chantal 8/26)
Print Image NPI fixed (Thanks Chantal 8/26)
Handling of secondary claims on e-bills (8/23)
Added Visit # (when deleted) in security audit (8/23)
Added specificity of HCFA's for specific carrier (8/23)
A comprehensive revision of HCFA corrections, putting every possible option into a user controlled form. (8/5)
A fix for time-outs (Thanks Chantal) (8/5)
Minor tweaks in Statements (8/5)
Multiple clinics in End of Day and Month Stats (8/5)


Access stays open when program closes - (Many)
Appointment Calendar - Multiple Appointments bug


Individual Time-Outs for each user
Audit trail deletion date selectable
Fixed bug in Transactions that did not allow immediate reflection in Fee Schedule Change
BCBS MN Box32 is blank


Even Better handling of Auto-Insurance Write-off (Thanks Dane & Others)
Speed up of End of Day Report
Speed up of Dr. Productivity Report
New Procedures can fill in fees all at once
Medicare Box32B for AR 


Automatic Insurance Write off when expected insurance is set below the calculated amount.(2/15) (for Rick)
added color to statements (2/9) (Thanks Mitchell)
Reworked balance calculation for specific dates patient statement for when the dates are old.
Fixed minor problem with box 32 address with multiple clinics (Thanks Angie!)
Fixed report problem with the Authorized Through Report
Crossloop added to upgrade downloads
Unlimited fee schedules. 
Unlimited legacy ID's
Fixed minor bug in printing Master Billing Address on HCFA
Numerous state fixes for Medicare, BCBS
Minor fix in the new Ledger Statements (Thanks Dan)


MN BCBS Box32 not blanked (Thanks Katy 12/4)
All patient report (Letter) limited by procedures fixed (Thanks Neil 12/6)
IN Medicaid removal of Taxonomy (Thanks Angie - 11/18/09)


Work has started on the online version of HandyWorks. This, completely new and redesigned version will run through your browser.
The new (08/09)C4 and C4.2 workers comp form  


A new statement option - Day by Day. This new report will list all actions that affect any day or set of days. For example, if you print a day range, and there was a payment outside of that date range, it will still show the effect of that payment on the dates it was applied too.
HW2007 is now included in the update. (The menu bar is not yet being displayed in this current version)
Minor tweaks for various states Medicare and BCBS.
Use the MicroSoft Hotfix patch for HW2003 screen 1 problems!
Upgrade file now includes CrossLoop, to enable faster troubleshooting by HW tecnical support.


Cumulative summer upgrade of multiple minor issues affecting bill printing and electronic claims submission


The C4 in NY
MA Medicaid 
New Patient and Referral Thank You's


TX Medicare Secondary
HW2000 attachment issue
C4.2 page 2 for NY comp
Working on conversion issues and solutions
IL Medicare Box 17
removed spaces in Diagnosis Codes prior to creating ANSI file


Taller Paid To and Paid from screens
Place keeping on visit dates when going to and from notes
Fixed error 91 when exiting HW2000
ANSI 2310D in HW97 and HW2000
More improvements on NY C4 and C4.2


Addressed root cause of mysterious upgrade issue with HW2000
BCBS on HCFA Diags, added a space above the "."
Insurance info added to the new patient report (Thanks Mark)
Fixed the blank page issue after viewing a letter and then going to print (Thanks Diane)
BCBS Box32 blank for PA (Thanks Nancy)
GA needs Taxonomy # in e-claims (Thanks Stephanie)
Added a BIG missing diagnosis warning on the HCFA printout (Thanks Beth)


More work on NY's "improved" C-4 forms (Thanks Stuart)
Ability to choose Dr. Range in Appointment book report added
In HW97 and HW2000, better handling of Transaction Report Option defaults
Removed annoying error in Case Data screen when no referrals were entered
Fixed date error in Electronic billing
Medicare Alabama (Thanks Chantel)
New C4 forms for NY


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